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Research Papers

Below is a list of the accepted papers to be presented at ACM I3D 2012. Refer to the final program for the presentation time of each paper session.

Virtual Reality and Interaction

Tabletop Ensemble: Touch-Enabled Virtual Percussion Instruments
Zhimin Ren, Ravish Mehra, Jason Coposky, Ming Lin
Way Portals: Efficient Multi-Agent Navigation with Line-Segment Goals
Sean Curtis, Jamie Snape, Dinesh Manocha
Dynamic Eye Convergence for Head-mounted Displays Improves User Performance in Virtual Environments
Andrei Sherstyuk, Arindam Dey, Christian Sandor, Andrei State


Constant-Time All-Pairs Geodesic Distance Query On Triangle Meshes
Shi-Qing Xin, Xiang Ying, Ying He
Computing 2D Constrained Delaunay Triangulation Using the GPU
Meng Qi, Thanh-Tung Cao, Tiow-Seng Tan
Lossless Compression of Variable-Precision Floating-Point Buffers on GPUs
Jeff Pool, Anselmo Lastra, Montek Singh

Moving, Painting, and Tracing

Interactive Simulation of Dynamic Crowd Behaviors using General Adaptation Syndrome Theory
Sujeong Kim, Stephen Guy, Dinesh Manocha, Ming Lin
A Lightweight, Procedural, Vector Watercolor Painting Engine
Stephen DiVerdi, Aravind Krishnaswamy, Radomir Mech, Daichi Ito
Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit
Christiaan Gribble, Jeremy Fisher, Daniel Eby, Ed Quigley, Gideon Ludwig

Motion Capture and Animation

Sleight of Hand: Perception of Finger motion from Reduced Marker Sets
Ludovic Hoyet, Kenneth Ryall, Rachel McDonnell, Carol O'Sullivan
Using Natural Vibrations to Guide Control for Locomotion
Rubens Nunes, Joaquim Cavalcante-Neto, Creto Vidal, Paul Kry, Victor Zordan
An Example-Based Motion Synthesis Technique for Locomotion and Object Manipulation
Andrew W. Feng, Yuyu Xu, Ari Shapiro
4D Parametric Motion Graphs for Interactive Animation
Dan Casas, Margara Tejera, Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Adrian Hilton

Scattering and Reflection

A Framework for Rendering Complex Scattering Effects on Hair
Xuan Yu, Jason C. Yang, Justin Hensley, Takahiro Harada, Jingyi Yu
Real-Time Multiple Scattering using Light Propagation Volumes
Markus Billeter, Erik Sintorn, Ulf Assarsson
Interactive Rendering of Acquired Materials on Dynamic Geometry using Bandwidth Prediction
Mahdi M. Bagher, Cyril Soler, Kartic Subr, Laurent Belcour, Nicolas Holzschuch

GPU Rendering

A Reconstruction Filter for Plausible Motion Blur
Morgan McGuire, Padraic Hennessy, Michael Bukowski, Brian Osman
Decoupled Deferred Shading for Hardware Rasterization
Gabor Liktor, Carsten Dachsbacher
Rectilinear Texture Warping for Fast Adaptive Shadow Mapping
Paul Rosen

Surfaces and Textures

Surface Based Anti-Aliasing
Marco Salvi, Kiril Vidimce
Efficient Pixel-Accurate Rendering of Curved Surfaces
Young In Yeo, Lihan Bin, Jörg Peters
Multiresolution Attributes for Tessellated Meshes
Henry Schäfer, Magdalena Prus, Quirin Meyer, Jochen Süßmuth, Marc Stamminger

Global Illumination and Ray Tracing

Real-Time Bidirectional Path Tracing via Rasterization
Yusuke Tokuyoshi, Shinji Ogaki
Delta Radiance Transfer
Bradford J. Loos, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Wojciech Jarosz, Peter-Pike Sloan
Fast, Effective BVH Updates for Animated Scenes
Daniel Kopta, Thiago Ize, Josef Spjut, Erik Brunvand, Al Davis, Andrew Kensler
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