I3D is the leading conference for real time 3D computer graphics and human interaction.

I3D 2018 will be held at the offices of Ubisoft Montréal, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on 15-18 May 2018. Additional details can be found on the venue page.

2018 is I3D's 32nd year since the inaugural workshop in 1986, and the 22nd conference (I3D occurred roughly biennially until 2005). More details on prior conferences are available here.

Pictures from I3D 2018 are being posted at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmkDf7F8. Thanks to Mauricio Vives for his photography!

Contact: Please send questions to general@i3dsymposium.org for general inquiries, registration, and sponsorship. Direct queries about paper submissions to papers@i3dsymposium.org and poster submissions to posters@i3dsymposium.org.

Important Dates

Unless otherwise specified, all deadlines are at 11:59pm IDLW (UTC - 12hrs).

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