Below is a list of posters accepted to I3D 2018.

Two poster sessions (one hour each) will give authors the opportunity to interactively present their research to conference attendees. A posters "fast forward" on Wednesday will also summarize the entire posters track for attendees.

Fluid Computational Model for Mineral and Vegetal Pigments Diffusing in Chinese Color-ink Painting
Meijun Sun, Ziqi Zhou, Zheng Wang, Jinchang Ren, Yahong Han
A Pilot Study of Spherical Harmonics for Saliency Computation and Navigation in 360° Videos
Ruofei Du, Amitabh Varshney
A Fast Rendering Technique for VR Sickness Prevention Using Coarse Pixel Shading
Koki Tachibana, Takashi Imagire
Map Attribute Brushes for Crowd Authoring System"
Sai-Keung Wong, Ruei-Che Ho
One-shot Learning for Human Action Recognition
Hao Jiang, Zhigang Deng, Sijia Wang, Chang Gao, Chengyi Wei, Zhaoqi Wang
Tentap: A Piano-playing Gesture Recognition System Based on Ten Fingers for Virtual Piano
Kyeongeun Seo, Hyeonjoong Cho
Learning has never been more fun: A Markerless AR-based Character Learning Application for Children
Karan Narain, Ramakrishna Perla, Gaurav Garg, Rajesh Sinha, Ramya Hebbalaguppe
Load Balancing Real-Time Physics for Cloud Based Video Game Delivery
Alexander Brown, Graham Morgan
Automated Re-topology of Polygonal Meshes of the Human Face
Eric Patterson, Jessica Baron, Devin Simpson
Real-Time Mud Simulation for Virtual Environments
Daniel Holz, Adam Galarneau
Voxel Based Hybrid Path Tracing with Spatial Denoising
Baktash Abdollah-Shamshir-Saz
EvoGen: Evolutionary Motion Generator
Amir Hossein Rabbani


Two poster awards and prizes (NVIDIA GPUs) were presented at the conference to best posters for unpublished work involving a student author.

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Unless otherwise specified, all deadlines are at 11:59pm IDLW (UTC - 12hrs).

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