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Over the past two decades, the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) has selectively showcased exceptional progress in academic and industrial research in the field of computer graphics. This year’s meeting of the symposium (I3D 2016) is being held February 27th and 28th on the campus of DigiPen Institute of Technology. DigiPen is located in Redmond, WA, within a few miles of multiple companies focusing on gaming, VR, computational photography, hardware, mapping, and other areas of applied graphics.

This year, 20 papers amongst 48 submissions were selected via a rigorous peer review process by a papers committee comprised of 49 experts from academia and industry. Accepted papers spanned a broad gamut of topics in computer graphics including interaction, geometry processing, simulation, animation, illumination and rendering. Furthermore, we continue our collaboration with IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. A selection of I3D papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a special issue of TVCG. We are also continuing our partnership with the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques. Three papers originally published in JCGT will be presented in the I3D plenary session, and a selection of I3D papers will also be invited to submit extended versions for publication in JCGT. We hope these partnerships will continue bringing additional attention to I3D and the quality of the work published here. Best paper presentation awards will be voted by attendees at the end of the symposium.


Barehanded Music: Real-time Hand Interaction for Virtual Piano
Hui Liang, Jin Wang, Qian Sun, Yong-Jin Liu, Junsong Yuan, Jun Luo, Ying He
Augmented Reality Instruction for Object Assembly based on Markerless Tracking
Li-Chen Wu, I-Chen Lin, Ming-Han Tsai
Presentation Slides
Data-driven Adaptive History for Image Editing
Hsiang-Ting Chen, Li-Yi Wei, Björn Hartmann, Maneesh Agrawala
Presentation Slides
New Controls for Combining Images in Correspondence
(IEEE TVCG Paper Presentation)
Jing Liao, Diego Nehab, Hugues Hoppe, Pedro V. Sander
Presentation Slides


Accurate Analytic Approximations For Real-Time Specular Area Lighting
Pascal Lecocq, Arthur Dufay, Gaël Sourimant, Jean-Eudes Marvie
Presentation Slides
Sequential Monte Carlo Instant Radiosity
Peter Hedman, Tero Karras, Jaakko Lehtinen
Presentation Slides
Precomputed Illuminance Composition for Real-Time Global Illumination
Johannes Jendersie, David Kuri, Thorsten Grosch
CloudLight: A System of Amortizing Indirect Lighting in Real-Time Rendering.
(JCGT Paper Presentation)
Cyril Crassin, David Luebke, Michael Mara, Morgan McGuire, Brent Oster, Peter-Pike Sloan, Chris Wyman


Real-time Rendering of Procedural Multiscale Materials
Tobias Zirr, Anton Kaplanyan
A Phenomenological Scattering Model for Order-Independent Transparency
Morgan McGuire, Michael Mara
Presentation Slides
Beyond Hard Shadows: Moment Shadow Maps for Single Scattering, Soft Shadows and Translucent Occluders
Christoph Peters, Cedrick Münstermann, Nico Wetzstein, Reinhard Klein
Presentation Slides | x264vfw (video codec)
A Multiview and Multilayer Approach for Interactive Ray Tracing
Konstantinos Vardis, Andreas A. Vasilakis, Georgios Papaioannou
Presentation Slides
An Evaluation of Multi-Hit Ray Traversal in a BVH using Existing First-Hit/Any-Hit Kernels.
(JCGT Paper Presentation)
Jefferson Amstutz, Christiaan Gribble, Johannes Günther, Ingo Wald


SSVDAGs: Symmetry-aware Sparse Voxel DAGs
Alberto Jaspe Villanueva, Fabio Marton, Enrico Gobbetti
Presentation Slides
Exploiting Coherence in Time-Varying Voxel Data
Viktor Kämpe, Sverker Rasmuson, Markus Billeter, Erik Sintorn, Ulf Assarsson
Triangle Reordering for Reduced Overdraw in Animated Scenes
Songfang Han, Pedro Sander
Presentation Slides
On the Efficiency of Image Metrics for Evaluating the Visual Quality of 3D Models
(IEEE TVCG Paper Presentation)
Guillaume Lavoue, Mohamed Larabi, Libor Vasa
Presentation Slides


Ductile Fracture for Clustered Shape Matching
Ben Jones, April Martin, Joshua Levine, Tamar Shinar, Adam Bargteil
Adaptive Impulse Response Modeling for Interactive Sound Propagation
Carl Schissler, Dinesh Manocha
Interactive Modal Sound Synthesis Using Generalized Proportional Damping
Auston Sterling, Ming Lin
Guided Ecological Simulation for Artistic Editing of Plant Distributions in Natural Scenes.
(JCGT Paper Presentation)
Gwyneth A. Bradbury, Kartic Subr, Charalampos Koniaris, Kenny Mitchell, Tim Weyrich
Presentation Slides


PRECISION: Precomputed Environment Semantics for Contact-Rich Character Animation
Mubbasir Kapadia, Xu Xianghao, Marcelo Kallmann, Stelian Coros, Robert W. Sumner, Markus Gross
Presentation Slides
Dynamically Balanced and Plausible Trajectory Planning for Human-Like Characters
Chonhyon Park, Steve Tonneau, Jae Sung Park, Nicolas Mansard, Franck Multon, Julien Pettre, Dinesh Manocha
Presentation Slides
Path Patterns: Analyzing and Comparing Real and Simulated Crowds
He Wang, Jan Ondrej, Carol O'Sullivan
Real-time Hair Mesh Simulation
Kui Wu, Cem Yuksel
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