Below is a list of posters accepted to I3D 2016.

A Framework to Transform In-Core GPU Algorithms to Out-of-Core Algorithms
Takahiro Harada
A Simulation on Grass Swaying with Dynamic Wind Force
Yi Lo, Hung-Kuo Chu, Ruen-Rone Lee, Chun-Fa Chang
A Stochastic and Scalable Approach for Real-Time Global Illumination
Gilles Laurent, Cyril Delalandre, Grégoire de La Rivière, Tamy Boubekeur
A Technique for Matching Convergence and Accommodation in a Fixed Screen 3D VR HMD
Sang Ho Lee, Junekyo Jhung, Hojun Lee, Jaekwang Cha, Shiho Kim
Adaptive Deferred Shading
Ian Mallett, Cem Yuksel, Amit Prakash
Compact Stokes Coordinates for Cage-based Shapes
Yann Savoye
Disocclusion Mitigation for Point Cloud Imposters
Chad Mourning, David Chelberg, Ronaldo Vigo, Derek Ziegler
Extended TimeWarp Latency Compensation for Virtual Reality
Daniel Evangelakos, Michael Mara
Hardware Accelerated Mesh Colors
Cem Yuksel
Natural User Interface for Integral Photography of Dispersion-Rendered Diamond
Nahomi Maki, Kazuhisa Yanaka
Pressure-based Touch Positioning Techniques for 3D Objects
Siyuan Qiu, Lu Wang, Laikuan Wong
Progressive Photon Mapping with Sample Elimination
Chunmeng Kang, Lu Wang, Xiangxu Meng, Yanning Xu
Progressive Streaming of textured 3D models in a Web Browser
Guillaume Lavoué, Laurent Chevalier, Florian Caillaud, Florent Dupont
RGB-D IBR: Rendering Indoor Scenes Using Sparse RGB-D Images with Local Alignments
Yeongyu Jeong, Haejoon Kim, Hyewon Seo, Frederic Cordier, Seungyong Lee
Virtually Transforming DETECT: Moving a 2-D gamifi ed health assessment to Virtual Reality
Nicole Kosoris, Brian Liu, Shean E. Phelps, Alessio Medda, Erik Swanson, Russell K. Gore, Michelle C. LaPlaca, David W. Wright, Tamara Espinoza, Kelsey Evans, Kristopher Hendershot

Submission Deadline: Dec 19, 2015 11:59 PST

What to submit?
Poster and demo submissions should consist of a one-page extended abstract in PDF format. The abstract must follow the ACM SIGGRAPH formatting guidelines for poster abstracts (linked below). Copyright space is not necessary. All extended abstracts will be included in the ACM Digital Library (DL). Note that this still allows you to submit your work as a full paper to another conference or journal.

How to submit?
Please e-mail your submission to

Include a one page abstract; other supplementary material (under 25MB) may optionally be attached to your e-mail. If your supplementary material will be larger than 25 MB, please check with the Posters Chair to discuss possible arrangements prior to the submission deadline.

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