The virtual conference spanned Tuesday April 20 through Thursday April 22. You can view the sessions and access the papers and posters.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 YouTube stream for Day 1

9:00am to 13:15pm PDT

9:00 Opening session
9:10 Posters Fast Forward
9:15 Keynote I: Peter-Pike Sloan, Activision Publishing, Inc.
10:00 break
10:15 Papers 1: Rendering I
Session Chair: Erik Sintorn
11:15 break
11:30 Papers 2: Rendering II
Session Chair: Adrien Gruson
12:45 Town Hall - registration required (live presentation only)
13:15 Social Event: Virtual meet-up - registration required

Wednesday, 21 April 2021 YouTube stream for Day 2

9:00am to 13:15pm PDT

9:00 Keynote II: Paul Dietz, Tactual Labs Co.
9:45 break
10:00 Papers 3: Gaming
Session Chair: Michael Vance
11:00 break
11:15 Papers 4: Virtual Reality and Environments
Session Chair: Qi Sun
12:15 Posters and demos session - registration required
Session Chair: Christoph Peters
13:15 Social Event: after-hours board gaming - registration required

Thursday, 22 April 2021 YouTube stream for Day 3

9:00am to 13:30pm PDT

9:00 Keynote III: Colin Barré-Brisebois, SEED, Electronic Arts
9:45 break
10:00 Papers 5: On Style Transfer, Points and Image-based Rendering
Session Chair: Aline Normoyle
11:30 break
11:45 Papers 6: Deep Learning
Session Chair: Daniel Holden
13:15 Closing and Awards
13:30 Social Event: Rocket League - registration required

Social Events

To attend social events you need to register. You will also want to pre-load and set up (free!) accounts for any events you want to attend. Visit the conference system's #social channel at the time of the event for more details.

On Tuesday we'll meet up using Gather for a virtual meet-up.

On Wednesday we'll play some board games on Board Game Arena. What you can do in advance: sign up there and have your account name ready. We'll aim for quick and easy games such as 6 nimmt!, Incan Gold, Martian Dice, or other suggestions.

On Thursday we'll set up attendee-only matches of Rocket League. You'll want to download, install, and try the tutorial beforehand (don't worry, we're all bad). Have your Epic account name handy at the start of the event.

Watch here for updates

Important Dates

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