The following posters will presented in the fast forward session on Tuesday, 3 May and in the virtual posters session on Wednesday, 4 May.

Tighter Spherical Harmonic Quantization Bound
Tyler Wiederien and Peter-Pike Sloan
Real-time render for multi-resolution model based on dynamic subdivision
Rui Li
Specular Manifold Bisection Sampling for Caustics Rendering
Jia-Wun Jhang and Chun-Fa Chang
Immersive-Labeler: Immersive Annotation of Large-Scale 3D Point Clouds in Virtual Reality
Achref Doula, Tobias Güdelhöfer, Andrii Mativiienko, Alejandro Sanchez Guinea and Max Mühlhäuser
Cone-Traced Antialiasing for Signed Distance Field Rendering
Andrei Chubarau, Ruby Rao and Derek Nowrouzezahrai


Additionally, some paper authors will give live demos of their techniques during the virtual posters session on Wednesday, 4 May. These demos will not be streamed to Youtube, so be sure to come to the session if you are interested. Here is a list of these papers:

Interactive simulation of plume and pyroclastic volcanic ejections
Maud Lastic, Damien Rohmer, Guillaume Cordonnier, Claude Jaupart, Fabrice Neyret and Marie-Paule Cani
Real-Time Style Modelling of Human Locomotion via Feature-Wise Transformations and Local Motion Phases
Ian Mason, Sebastian Starke and Taku Komura
Real-time Shading with Free-form Planar Area Lights using Linearly Transformed Cosines
Takahiro Kuge, Tatsuya Yatagawa, Shigeo Morishima
MMPX Style-Preserving Pixel Art Magnification
Morgan McGuire, Mara Gagiu
A Dataset and Explorer for 3D Signed Distance Functions
Towaki Takikawa, Andrew Glassner, Morgan McGuire
Scaling Probe-Based Real-Time Dynamic Global Illumination for Production
Alexander Majercik, Adam Marrs, Josef Spjut, Morgan McGuire

Virtual Posters Session

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All questions about posters and poster presentations should be directed to I3D 2022 Posters Chair Petrik Clarberg.

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